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New Shirts! For Science!

April 17th, 2012

A nice big update to the store today (big is read as “more than one shirt”)! A few ideas up, a print or two for sale and hopefully some more sale dates in the future. But for now, head on over to the Redbubble Store to see some new goodies. Including these two…

Test Subject 007.
I reacquainted myself with everyone’s favourite rogue AI/Potato and dug out sketches for this idea I’d scribbled when Portal 2 first hit shelves. The Aperture Science logo always seemed familiar in a devil-may care, roguish way… And then:

The Dark Lord of the Fish.
Just because.

Also, there is now a shirt and print of the red panda that’s been popping up on here. And finally a much requested print of Cat-At. It shouldn’t have taken so long to get around to that…

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